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World’s biggest virtual wave crashes above heads of pedestrians in Seoul

A giant virtual wave higher than a house that appears to crash and roll around a tank has been programmed into the world’s biggest outdoor high-definition screen.

The vivid installation is described as an “anamorphic illusion” and is visible with a three-dimensional effect on the 80-metres (262ft) wide by 20-metre (66ft) tall screen as raging blue waters, which appear to swell and break constantly above people walking beneath in SeoulSouth Korea.

The wave simulation, titled Public Media Art #1 Wave, was created by agency d’strict on a 1,620sq metre (5,314ft) smart screen using Samsung smart LED technology, which is said to have an area four times the size of a basketball court.

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Anamorphic illusions are distorted projections that need the viewer to be watching the animation from a particular angle to get the depth effect.

The installation is part of K-Pop Square at the Coex Convention and Exhibition Centre in Gangnam, southern Seoul.

The screen’s resolution is 7,840 x 1,952 pixels, or nearly twice the resolution of ultra-high definition.

It took two month to build, by fusing together two LED displays with curved edges with more than 30,000 separate LED display modules, each 1cm big.

Now the aquarium has more 200,000 YouTube views, with one user say it was a “reminder of the forces of nature in the middle of a city”.


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