Ghana football player Randy Juan Muller stuck at Mumbai airport for 74 days
“I love the spicy Indian food and have learned the recipe of ice and lentil curry which I would like to cook back home”.

Ghanaian football player Randy Juan Muller experienced a different type of quarantine at the airport in India’s commercial capital Mumbai.

He was playing for a local club in the South Indian state of Kerala known for its Sandy beaches and crisscross inland waterways.

He was scheduled to fly back when the lockdown was announced and he was stuck at the airport. Locals and others who were scheduled to fly went back and he was unable to go back to Kerala as trains were canceled.

 With neither money nor transport, he took refuge in the part outside the terminal, which came his home for 74 days.

After initial hiccups and security issues, over days his plight was noticed by the airport officials who came forward to help him but could not do much due to the strict lockdown conditions in that part of India, which to date has the highest number of Coronavirus infections.

“The airport staff became too friendly and offered all assistance including food, shelter, telephone calls and allowed me to use the airport Wi-Fi to call home,” he told local media after his plight was brought to the notice of a local minister who is also the son of the State’s chief minister.

With help coming from the state minister, he has been shifted to a local hotel.

Ghana embassy which has been informed of his circumstances has said that he would be put on the first possible flight back home and necessary assistance would be offered to him.