Mariam THIAM-Consultant in Sociocultural Mediation -FNC (New Citizen Front) – France

September 22, 2020, it is a historic and memorable day for Mali which celebrates 60 years of its independence. I join all Malians from home and the diaspora to pay tribute to the victorious struggle of the Malian people. I salute the memory of the Father of the independence of Mali – President Modibo KEÏTA, a politician of great conviction and a leading Pan-African.

I also salute the memory of the first woman MP, Aoua KEÏTA, a political activist, anti-colonialist, trade unionist, and feminist, the only woman alongside men during the struggles for the independence of West African countries and for the emancipation of African women.

I give thanks to these Malian women, like Aïssata Sow Coulibaly, Thira Diarra, Sira Diop, Ramatoulaye Dembélé and all these fighters of all times.

Yes, women have been part of all fights and all times. To celebrate this day is to honor the bravery and sacrifice of our heroes and heroines of past and contemporary struggles.

I have affectionate thoughts for all our martyrs and all the direct and indirect victims of the crisis whose bloodshed must call out to all of us.

In this unprecedented period in the world, the  Covid-19 pandemic, and convulsions must push us towards greater tolerance and solidarity.

Malian women in the country and in the diaspora, welcome the efforts of the CNSP but insists on the full participation of women in the management of the transition and the overhaul of institutions is fundamental to the end of the socio-political crisis, to stability, democracy, security and peace and development in Mali.

Based on the traditional values ​​of Mali, all ethnicities combined and as a reminder of the  1235 Manden Charter or “Mande kali kan” which highlights the richness of our endogenous political experiences and above all to the total inclusion of women and equality between men and women in this charter.

Women are also standing on the ramparts!