Shankar Kurhade (48) claims the mask weighs 50 grams and costs around $3870. PHOTO REUTERS


An Indian wealthy man has got a ‘golden face mask’   to protect him against  Covid-19 infection following the government advice to wear masks in public places.

Shankar Kurade living in the western city of Pune is known for spending extravagantly and donning himself in gold.

But his decision to have a gold mask made for him has sparked severe criticism on social media.

The unusual face mask costs approximately $4000 and weighs a little over fifty grams.

The man says the ‘lightweight’ metallic mask has few minute holes enabling him to breathe. However, he is not very optimistic.

“I am not sure whether this mask is effective”,  Shankar Kurade told local media.

Kurade says he was inspired by a man wearing a silver mask and decided to have one made out of gold for himself.

“I spoke to the goldsmith and he made this mask for me in a week. All my family members love gold and if they too fancy it, I will get it for them too”.